Accessible Ticketing Offices

Lite Ferries is now expanding its fully computerized ticketing offices to make it more accessible to remote areas in the Mindanao.

On Time Voyage

Our RO-RO vessels sails on a very accurate time schedule to prevent delays that hassles our passengers and shippers.

For Inquiries

For Inquiries, comments and suggestions you can call us at our lite ferries main office +639778225483
(032)255-1721 to 26
(032)414-9001 to 03

Friendly Staff

We aim to provide good customer support and service using our friendly crew in order for our clients to feel more comfortable during there voyage.

Soon to be fully Computerized Branches

Our company will soon to be fully computerized to make our services a lot faster and more convenient to our clients.

Main Office

Lite Ferries main office is located in 14 G.L. Lavilles Street Cor, M.J Cuenco, Cebu City.